Simmer Sessions

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                              Welcome to The Simmer Sessions

Join Chris and I as we make the next Cardo & Friends record. You can follow us every step of the way, from the beginnings of the songwriting, through rehearsals, and on through the final production. Learn how we put the songs together, arrange them, and produce them. Watch as we take the material from a simmer to a full boil on The Simmer Sessions.

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Meet Chris Rakas

Like most of us, Chris' passion has been music since his early teen years..  He is an accomplished  classically trained guitarist and composer, adept in a great variety of styles. His latest release  "Caelum", is a classical inspired piece with four movements. Currently he is working with Cardo on a new project called "Hands Across The Border", which will be included as part of The SImmer Sessions.   In his spare time, Chris enjoys long walks with his overly energetic Pug, and being a devoted husband and father.