Hinduisme is an incredible band from a small town, Penempaham, ( pop. 117 ) deep in the rain forests of Bali.  It's founder, frontman, and songwriter, Gede, has accomplished a rather amazing feat; being able to beautifully blend western music influenced with traditional Balinese storytelling, creating some of the most memorable music imaginable.

I met Gede through my partner, Mark Paulda, an exceptional world class travel  photographer, who is working with Gede on a photography project archiving Balinese history and culture.  Little did he know that Gede was also a musician until one night when Gede asked if Mark would like to hear some songs.  Well, Mark listened and was floored.  He sent me an mp3 of the song "Calonarang" in it's raw form, and I was astounded.  The melody is so beautiful.

To make a long story short, about a year ago, I had the chance to accompany Mark on a return trip to Bali.  And of course I met Gede.  I have to say he is remarkable young man.  With little coaxing, I persuaded Gede and Hinduisme to go into a proper recording studio and re-record the song.  My friend Jorgen Carlsson of Gov't Mule added the bass, and he killed it.  The excellent result is below.

"The Making of Calanorang"
"Welcome to Tampaksiring"
"Satya Palemahan"

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