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Welcome to my blog.

Here I will engage in discussing a broad range of subjects, feelings, thoughts, and experiences that have shaped both my life and consequently, my musical perspective. Perhaps it would be better called a diary, as I'm pretty much going to approach it that way, without holding much back. Also, many of these post will be advice oriented, particularly for newer artists, regardless of age.

I feel that the more insight you have into an artist, it better it is for you, the listener, supporter, and fan, to understand and appreciate the creative work. As an artist, I try to give all I have into each and every creation to make sure each one means something to me as well as you. Yes, you can easily do "formulaic" work, churning out product after product, each one with less depth than the one before, all for the sake of money, fame, or perhaps ego. But what's the point?

If your product, in my case songs, mean nothing, are trivial and shallow, do not evoke some kind of emotional reaction, or tell a compelling story, then I feel that I have not accomplished much, nor fulfilled my inner objectives and desires. And therefore, I believe that I have seriously short changed the listener, which is not a good feeling.

My songs come from my reactions and emotions to my experiences, thoughts I have on certain subjects, and observations of the world around me. In this blog, I will expand and go into detail on all of this, so let's get started.

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