A Patriotic Rock Anthem

                   A New Patriotic Rock Anthem For All Americans

Take Back AmericA

"Take Back America" is a new patriotic rock anthem about restoring the values, respect and love for our country. It was written as a result of my growing frustration and anger with the government's continuous disregard for the people, particularly at a time when tensions and discord have elevated to unprecedented levels.  Political correctness has gone way to far at the expense of challenging our First Amendment.  Our members of congress no longer represent their constituents, instead they protect their own self interests and donors. The media is complicit by reporting and promoting the irresponsible, biased fake news that we are continually bombarded with.  This has got to stop.  


There is no other country in the world where it's citizens can enjoy the Freedom and Liberty that we, as Americans, enjoy and take for granted.  The individual Freedoms guaranteed to all citizens by The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and our Declaration of Independence are the most valuable commodities we possess, and are now under assault.  These Freedoms must be cherished and defended.  "Take Back AmericA" is about the challenges we now face to maintain our Liberty and Freedom and restore respect and love for our country.  

This song features an all star cast of professional studio and performing musicians and engineers. Among them are: Grammy Award winning musician/engineer/producer Pat Regan, John Payne (ASIA), Gary Mallaber (Steve Miller, Van Morrison), Mick Mahan (Pat Benatar), and Jeff Kollman (ASIA Featuring John Payne).  Recorded in 3 different studios, great care was taken to get it perfect



Special Edition EP

Introducing the new Special Edition EP from Cardo & Friends, "Take Back America", featuring the single release version "Freedom Mix", the bonus version "Liberty Mix", and a newly re-mastered "World Gone Wrong".  

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